Oregon Seaweed

Oregon Seaweed

Retail Locations

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Find our fresh dulse seaweed at these locations: Oregon Coast Astoria Co-op2350 Marine DriveAstoria, OR : Daily 8AM – 8PM* Gathered 512 12th StAstoria, OR : Thur. / Sat. 11AM – 6PMSun. 9:30AM – 4PM* Mess Hall Market100 39th St…

Culinary Uses for Dulse

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"So there's a lot of different flavors that dulse can take on, depending on how you use it. Chefs are using this variability and flavors, and getting really creative with how they use it. Throwing it into stir fries or scrambled eggs, or sautéed veggies, or roasted veggies… it adds a really good flavor if you just dry it and grind it up, you can make a salty seaweed flake."

Dulse Spread

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This creamy dulse seaweed spread is perfect on a cracker but equally delicious on vegetable pasta or toasted sourdough bread with avocado.

Dulse and Orzo Soup

A hearty and healthy seaweed soup! Similar to your traditional vegetable, orzo soup but with the addition of fresh dulse for a thicker more flavorful broth.