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Now that you’ve bought some fresh dulse seaweed, what to do with it?

Thank you for being part of the climate cuisine community!

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A couple pieces of info on fresh dulse and how to best use it!

It will be good in your fridge for about 7-10 days. In that time, you can create an endless number of delicious seaweed meals! IF you don’t use it in that time period, keep in mind you can always dry it out (either in the oven or a dehydrator) to make it shelf stable! Dried dulse can be used as a seasoning in various ways.

You may find some little shellfish on your dulse, do not panic! This is simply a sign of a healthy environment within our tanks that closely resembles the natural environment of the seaweed. Rinse the seaweed before use, but not until you are about to use it. This will get the little critters off as well as remove some excess salt. The longer you rinse, or soak, the seaweed the more salt will be removed. 

Your dulse can be used in a variety of ways! Fresh in salads, smoothies, or soups. Sauteed in stir fried, fried rice, and omelets. Baked into crispy chips, baked goods, or veggie roasts. Be sure to check out our recipes page for some specific suggestions. The possibilities are truly endless. And we’d love to see how you use it.

Be sure to tag @oregonseaweed on social media or shoot us an email with pictures and recipes you create to help us spread the seaweed movement as far as possible. 

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